About Babyline

Paed-IQ Pvt Ltd is a South African based medical information company that seeks to provide information and services to parents and caregivers that will enhance the level of care they are able to provide to their children.

“Our mission at Paed-IQ is to provide parents and caregivers with the best possible resources to holistically improve the health of every child.”

At the time it was founded, Paed-IQ partnered with the Paediatric Management Group of South Africa, a body that represents the majority of Paediatric specialists in private practice in South Africa. Through this collaboration, a database of information on common health conditions in children was developed. This information has been reviewed and was endorsed by the Paediatric Management Group of South Africa. This ensures that the information on this website is of the highest possible standard and specifically tailored to the needs of South African children.

Our corporate partner, The Clicks Group Ltd, is one of the largest retailers in the healthcare market in South Africa. With over 400 pharmacies and clinics nationwide, Clicks has become a well-established household name. The Clicks loyalty program, through its ClubCard and BabyClub, offers their members a number of value added services. One of these services is access to the Paed-IQ portal.

The Paed-IQ 24/7 BabyLine

In an effort to help educate and support new moms and dads and to ensure their medical aid benefits last longer, Paed IQ’s BabyLine was started. Essentially BabyLine is a 24-hour children’s health advice line manned by paediatric-trained registered nurses for parents with babies, toddlers and children. They are on the other side of the phone to assist with any parental concerns, or health-related issues, 24/7, 365 days of the year. Paed- IQ’s BabyLine has partnered with the global leaders in this field and is proud to offer the first dedicated parent advice line in South Africa. This service is available for parents through your medical aid scheme as a benefit, or on a subscription basis. All information provided has been specifically developed to provide advice and education for parents on common health conditions that affect children. The annual subscription cost is far less than than the cost of one ER trip.

The Babyline service was developed in conjunction with the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Pretoria and is based on a concept used by the top providers of child health advice in the USA. The system of telephone advice guarantees instant and real-time access to pre-eminent, professional advice and standardised paediatric protocols. The aim is to give parents the best possible resources to help them maintain and improve the health of their child. It’s about giving anxious parents peace of mind when it comes to an urgent health concern and, hopefully, will also alleviate unnecessary trips to doctors or hospitals.

How BabyLine Works

To access the service, parents or caregivers simply call the BabyLine number on 0860 723347 to reach a paediatric-trained nurse. Through a series of questions asked regarding the health issue and the evaluation of the responses, parents will be provided with professional advice on what to do next.

Depending on the symptoms, the advice might be to head straight to the ER or to see a doctor or specialist. The nurse will advise which healthcare provider is the most appropriate, given the health issue. Although BabyLine is designed to assist parents with health concerns, nurses do not provide diagnosis or prescriptions. However, they may offer advice on how to deal with health problems or refer parents to a healthcare facility.

Services offered by BabyLine

  • Home care advice
  • Clinic/primary care/GP referral for the same day
  • Clinic/primary care/GP referral for the following day
  • After-hours care within the next six hours
  • Immediate referral to the ER

BabyLine strives to give parents access to the best possible resources to improve the health of every child. The service strives to give parents’ peace of mind and potentially save unnecessary trips to the ER as well as provide anxious parents with urgent healthcare advice to keep their children safe and happy.The BabyLine service is available to all parents on a subscription basis. For Bonitas members, BabyLine is provided as a free value added service. Simply quote your membership number for access.

Remember, that although BabyLine is designed to assist parents with health concerns, nurses do not provide diagnosis or prescriptions. They are on call to offer advice on how best to deal with the current health problem or refer you to the nearest healthcare facility. Telephonic advice cannot replace consultation and in no way offers diagnosis or prescription. Paed IQ’s BabyLine offers parents the extra support they so often need when coping with the challenges of parenthood.


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